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Welcome to

Fulcrum Myotherapy's

brand new website!

by informing and exploring how Massage Therapy and other holistic treatments can help you achieve this overall sense of wellbeing. 


Whether you are suffering from growing or arthritic pain, stress, injury, chronic illness or are inhibited in your movement following c-section or other surgery, Fulcrum Myotherapy strives to bring you to optimum health through Massage Therapy techniques, Sports Massage, Dry Needling and other holistic treatments so you can enjoy the active future you hope for, especially the activities that make you smile.

I hope you will find the articles and information in this website helpful...

This website has been designed to support you on your journey to optimum health...

In celebration of welcoming you to the world of Massage Therapy and healing online

I'm happy to offer a healthy discount on a set of three, hour long treatments at Fulcrum - a super way to really attend to issues and set you on the right track to better health and posture - click the image below to receive yours and I look forward to meeting you soon in Auchenblae or Stonehaven and working with you to reach your optimum health.



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