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Dry Needling to Ease Muscle Pain

Dry needling is a modern treatment designed to ease muscular pain and its popularity is growing.

During dry needling, a practitioner inserts several filiform needles into your skin. Filiform needles are fine, short, stainless steel needles that don’t inject fluid into the body. That’s why the term “dry” is used.

Practitioners place the needles in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. Dry needling is also sometimes called intramuscular stimulation. The points are areas of knotted or hard muscle.

Dry needling practitioners say the needle helps release the knot and relieve any muscle pain or spasms. The needles will remain in your skin for a short period of time. The length of time depends on the practitioner.

Dry Needling to Ease Muscle Pain

Dry needling may provide relief for some muscular pain and stiffness. In addition, easing the trigger points may improve flexibility and increase range of motion. That’s why this method is often used to treat sports injuries, muscle pain, and even fibromyalgia pain.

Using Dry Needling for Relief from Muscular Pain and Stiffness
Dry needling may provide relief for muscular pain and stiffness

These posts are the opinions of the author based on experience and research but do not constitute medical advice. Please seek medical advice if your symptoms continue, deteriorate or you experience any other symptoms.



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